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Rainbows, in Loughrea Family & Community Resource Centre, is a peer support programme for primary school aged children who are dealing with the issues associated with separation in their family. The “Rainbows” programme runs weekly for 9 consecutive weeks. Rainbows groups are age based and have between 4 and 8 members. Each group is facilitated by two trained volunteer facilitators.

What does “Rainbows” do?

  • Supports children to rebuild their self-esteem in a small group setting.
  • Enables participants to name, understand and come to terms with the many emotions they experience.
  • Reassures those who have anxieties or feelings of guilt.
  • Encourages children to move towards forgiving those people whom they feel have caused their pain.
  • Shares and listens to similar experiences from other group members.

What “Rainbows” is not.

  • It is not professional counselling or therapy.
  • It does not analyse, diagnose or solve problems.
  • It does not advise, criticise or judge.
  • It does not treat emotional or behavioural problems.
  • It does not report, take notes or give evidence to anybody (except as laid down by the Child Protection policy of Rainbows and the Loughrea Family & Community Resource Centre).

Child Protection and Confidentiality.

  • Rainbows strictly adheres to Child Protection procedures and policies as laid down under Child First guidelines.
  • Confidentiality is explained in depth at the start of each Rainbows programme. All that is said and by whom remains confidential to the group.
  • A participant can share with a parent(s) at home what they said, not what others have said or discussed.
  • Confidentiality will be kept at all times except when information is given that indicates that the child or young person may be in danger or at risk.

Find out more about "Rainbows".

To find out more about "Rainbows", drop in to the centre, call us on 091 871 149 or email us on We assure you that your enquiry will be treated with the utmost confidence.

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